Friday, April 30


This is why I never wear blazers - I somehow always end up looking like a businesswoman, which I hate!
But, well, wanted to share the outfit anyways.
I actually had to take off my blazer while shopping, cause it was getting to hot outside for both blazer and jacket. Guess spring finally did arrive. About time too.
Right now: sitting in my bed doing absolutely nothing, while eating M&Ms and listening to Muse (favorite band, hihi). But I better go to bed soon. I'm in serious need of some sleep!
And again - sorry for looking moody. I don't how I do it? I'm trying to look at least just a bit happy, but somehow always manage to look like this.. annoying.

Blazer - Topshop. Top, jewelry, tights & jacket - H&M. Shorts & sunglasses - Gina Tricot. Scarf - Zara. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3

I love pay day

As I told you yesterday I would take the day off today, which I did. Instead of going to school all day, I went to the first two lessons and then skipped the last 4 and went shopping. I just needed to relax and I relax when I shop, so perfect match, as shopaholicish that might sound.
I ended up buying these 5 items and a new pair of dotted tights (cause my last pair got ripped...). The two pair of trousers on the right are the harem pants that I wrote about here. I bought them in both nude and grey cause I'd prefer them in nude, but they only had a size L left so I took a size M grey as well, and now I can't decide which pair to keep, so I'm keeping both! They're waaaay too comfortable to return... Unfortunately I can't wear them as highwaisted pants, cause they're both a bit too short for my long legs. Bummer.
Besides the harem pants, I also bought a pair of sweatpants (which I'm not sure wether to return or not yet..), a dress and a zebra printed top, and I still have 2/3 of my money left. Not bad, huh?

Zebra printed top & sweat pants - Gina Tricot. Dress & harem pants - H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, April 28

It's too much

Outfit from yesterday. I wasn't in the mood for full figure pictures, sorry.
Today has been way too long a day for me and so was yesterday. There's just too much to do and too little time to get it done. So, tomorrow I'm taking the day off. I need some time to relax, so what I'm going to do is go to the first 2 lessons in school (which is media), then I'm going shopping a bit and after that I'm going home to do my homework. Yup, I'm skipping school to do homework instead, which sounds kind of pathetic, but if I can do my homework tomorrow, then I might actually have the weekend off to relax, which sounds really nice, especially when my big sister's coming home for a visit.
Again, sorry for the lack of blogging, I hope everything will turn back to ''normal'' in a week.

Shirt - Zara. Tee - American Apparel. Leggings - Monki. (Favorite) Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Body chain - H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, April 27

Pant obsession

Thursday I'm going to have money on my account again, which means I can finally go shopping! Something I've been looking forward to since the 10th this month (tend to spend all of my money during the first week of the month, you see...).
I think the first thing I'm going to buy is these pants from H&M. I've fallen totally in love with them cause they look so comfy and I've heard that they're pretty cheap as well. I'm just hoping that there's a pair left for me...
Anybody living in Århus who has seen these pants in any of the H&Ms?

Sources: Shopaholic Sisters & Vanillascented

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, April 26


Sorry for the lack of blogging this weekend. Saturday I was with my family, cause my sister was visiting, and today I've been working on a movie project for our exam in media for more than 5 hours, so I was quite exhausted when I got home..
Can't promise that it'll get better over the next 2 weeks, cause I'll be filming a lot and I have another school project that I'll have to get done before the 7th and a hand-in in danish (like the subject...) that's due to this thursday. Hard times, but I will try to blog at least once a day (and of course some outfits!).

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, April 23


Yesterday I had my nose piercing done. Like it? I do! Feels kinda weird though. Guess I'll have to get used to it.

Love, Rosa <3

Stripes on my legs

I should've posted these pictures yesterday, but for some reason the net wasn't working (as usual) so that made it impossible. Had a great day yesterday though. It was Nanna's birthday so all of my friends were really happy, and we had a great time in school.
Today I wasn't going to school, 'cause I had the day off to write on my project thing.
Tonight I'm going clubbing to celebrate Nanna's birthday (she turned 18, which is a big thing), and I'm looking very much forward to it!

What I wore: top (dress), jewelry, tights, scarf & jacket - H&M. Shorts - Gina Tricot. Bag - Dixie. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, April 21

By Scott Trindle

I have a weakness for black/white photos. Especially when they're sorta cold (if you know what I mean..?). Pictures like these!

Mirte Maas by Scott Trindle. Magazine unknown.

Love, Rosa <3


Yet another simple outfit, and I look really really moody on the picture, just try to ignore that, please?
Wanted to share the outfit anyways though.
I'm kind of having on of those periods where I'm totally uninspired. It might be because of the weather turning winterish - it snowed yesterday and today... and rained, and we're in the end of April. They say it might be because of a volcano on Iceland.. stupid volcano..
Tomorrow I'll (hopefully, if everything goes as planned) get a nose piercing, which I'm very excited about, but also scared like ****. I'll have to keep thinking ''it'll only hurt for a couple of hours, no big deal compared to a fractured bone in your foot..''.
Anyways, I better get going now, cause I have some homework to do before I go to bed, and another post coming up in a second.
Let's see if I can find a more interesting outfit to wear tomorrow?
And sorry for not blogging that much lately, I've been kinda busy.

Top - Monki. Jewelry & jacket - H&M. Jeans - Zara. Scarf - Gina Tricot. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, April 19

Keep it simple stupid

No, I'm not calling you stupid. It's just a term we use in media classes to describe when a movie should be simple, easy to understand, obtainable (aka KISS), and that term was sort of the inspiration for today's outfit - very clean and simple.
Getting late, and I haven't found out what to wear tomorrow, just like yesterday. Better go to bed earlier tomorrow.

Shirt - Monki. Scarf - Gina Tricot. Jewelry & jacket - H&M. Jeans - Whyred. Bag - Dixie. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

Longer weekend, please

Sorry for the lack of blogging this weekend, I haven't been able to connect to the net, and also I've been busy. Yesterday I went to a party at my school, I don't have a picture of my outfit though (but I wore my blue fringe dress, dotted tights and black wedges, if you wanted to know). I was supposed to wear a white instead, but 5 minutes before I had to go, I accidently spilled red nail polish over it, so I couldn't wear and had to change. Putting on stockings with not dried nail polish on your fingers isn't easy!! But I think the outfit looked ok anyways. Probably better than the outfit I was supposed to wear.
Anybody else been doing something exciting this weekend?
Better go now, it's 12 o'clock and I haven't found out what to wear tomorrow yet. And my computer will run out of battery in 5 minutes, so see ya!

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, April 16

All I need is denim and stripes

Dressed up for (kind of) nothing, 'cause I didn't go to school today. I couldn't fall asleep last night, I tend to think way too much about everything and nothing, so I almost didn't get any sleep, which resulted in me having a huge headache the next morning. Good thing that it was a short school day, so I didn't miss a lot.
So, I've just been at home all day, doing nothing. Exciting, huh?

Shirt & scarf - Zara. Top - American Apparel. Shorts - Gina Tricot. Tights, jacket & jewelry - H&M. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3

Current song obsession

Creep (Acoustic version) by Radiohead.
I don't know why exactly, but this song makes me feel kind of better. Hope you enjoy it!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, April 14

Just a little message

I can't make myself work on that school project thing, it's too boring, but, unfortunately I have to do it.
Good thing that we have 2 weeks to do it, cause I've only written 1 page (out of 5) so far.
Guess I have a confession: I'm not good at going to school and doing my homework...

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, April 12

Sharing inspiration

Just felt like sharing some inspirational pictures, so here you go.
Hope you like them!

Source: WeHeartIt

Love, Rosa <3

A fish among horses

Todays outfit and the last pictures of me without a nose piercing (!). I'm getting it done tomorrow, hopefully, if everything goes as planned.
My mom and I went to a hill nearby to take the photos. She wanted me to go down to the horses (in high heels!), please don't ask me why, cause I have no idea, but anyways, got the pictures and here they are. It's nice to take pictures outside for once. Especially when the weather is so great!
I won't be going to school the next 3 days cause we got some individual work to do (which we can choose to do at home), so I don't know how much I will be blogging.

Cardigan & dress - Gina Tricot. Scarf - Zara. Tights - H&M. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Jacket & jewelry - H&M. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, April 11

Look what mamma brought back to me

My mom came from USA 1,5 hour ago and she bought me an iPod touch (which I already love) and a huge bag of Jelly Beans (my absolute favorite candy, hihih). She also brought back 2 vests that I'll show tomorrow cause now I really gotta go to bed as it's getting kinda late.
I hope everyone's had an awesome weekend!!

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, April 10

A springish day

So here's what I bought yesterday! You would think that with the new season here and all, I would've bought something else than black, but oh no, not me.. Really loving the shorts though.
You should look outside my window right now. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining outside (like really shining!) and the birds were singing - all so springish (by the way, I know that's not real word...)!
And my mom's coming home from USA tomorrow, can't wait...!

Top/dress & shorts - Gina Tricot. Tights - H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, April 9

I'm in love

How amazing is this? Burberry Prorsum heels + leopard printed socks = match made in heaven! I just wish my legs weren't so pale...
Today I've only had 4 hours of school and afterwards I went shopping. Bought a couple of items which I'll show later.
Right now I gotta eat cause my stomach is making funny noises each time I take a breath!

Source: VanillaScented

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, April 8

Who wouldn't want a pair like these?

I love these pants!
Since I first saw someone here in ''Blogland'' wearing a pair of sweat pants I'd wanted a pair for myself and now I finally found the perfect one. I'm seriously considering buying them (might have to wait 'til next month though....) cause they're not even that expensive, only about $110. They'd be perfect for the upcoming season.
And aren't the shoes just amazing (go Freja!)?

Pants from T by Alexander Wang.

Love, Rosa <3

Emmanuelle Alt

Source:  Jak & Jil

I'm so loving this outfit! Kinda makes me regret that I didn't buy a pair of thigh high boots when they were still in. And Emmanuelle is just such a genius and huge inspiration, love her style!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, April 7

Mixed patterns

I've had an amazing day (yet again...). People are so nice right after spring break and it's so wonderful!
And then in the middle of the night, my mom texted me to ask if there was anything from Forever 21 I wanted, 'cause she in USA right now and therefore she might buy something for me, yay for moms!
The only downside is still my throat. I wish it would just go away so I can eat normally again...

Shirt & leggings - Monki. Top - Gina Tricot. Jacket & jewelry - H&M. Scarf - Zara. Boots - Din Sko. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, April 6

Nose piercing

I've been thinking of getting me a nose piercing for quite some time now. At first I was sure that I just wanted one of those small round silver ones, but then I started crushing on a ring a la Abbey Lees instead. What do you think? No or go...? I'm sure that I want a nose piercing, the only question that remains is what kind of ring.

Love, Rosa <3