Saturday, April 3

And more new

This is what I bought today. Nanna convinced me to buy the top, so I did. I've never owned anything in any shade of pink (purple does not count...) or cropped before - it's kind of refreshing. It'll be fun to mix and match it into my outfits, and it'll be perfect for summer - cropped, pastel, loose and sheer!
The nail polish was an impulse purchase, literally - I stood at the counter, where it was lying in a basket and I quickly decided to buy it..
Now, on with the movies!

Both are from H&M.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Haha, og det var så lidt!! ;-) Jeg glæder mig til at se dig i den. Og HEY fed neglelak, den ligner slet ikk min :-P! Hah.
    Tak for i dag, Rosa.

  2. Great purchases!
    NEED to have both of them, haha.

    X River

  3. NLR - hvaaaad snakker du om ?? :p
    det er da din der slet ikk ligner min :p

  4. Fashion-vanity - thanks ;)
    luckily they were quite cheap both of them :) :p

  5. Jeg er vild med cropped toppe, skal også have købt nogle inden sommer - jeg tror din bliver rigtig god at eje ;)

  6. hey dear :D

    thank you for your comment <3

    i really love that cropped tee!
    how much was it?

    btw lovely blog :D

    love, alice

  7. i heart alice - only 12 dollars :)
    and thank you !! :)