Friday, April 30

I love pay day

As I told you yesterday I would take the day off today, which I did. Instead of going to school all day, I went to the first two lessons and then skipped the last 4 and went shopping. I just needed to relax and I relax when I shop, so perfect match, as shopaholicish that might sound.
I ended up buying these 5 items and a new pair of dotted tights (cause my last pair got ripped...). The two pair of trousers on the right are the harem pants that I wrote about here. I bought them in both nude and grey cause I'd prefer them in nude, but they only had a size L left so I took a size M grey as well, and now I can't decide which pair to keep, so I'm keeping both! They're waaaay too comfortable to return... Unfortunately I can't wear them as highwaisted pants, cause they're both a bit too short for my long legs. Bummer.
Besides the harem pants, I also bought a pair of sweatpants (which I'm not sure wether to return or not yet..), a dress and a zebra printed top, and I still have 2/3 of my money left. Not bad, huh?

Zebra printed top & sweat pants - Gina Tricot. Dress & harem pants - H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

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