Friday, April 9

I'm in love

How amazing is this? Burberry Prorsum heels + leopard printed socks = match made in heaven! I just wish my legs weren't so pale...
Today I've only had 4 hours of school and afterwards I went shopping. Bought a couple of items which I'll show later.
Right now I gotta eat cause my stomach is making funny noises each time I take a breath!

Source: VanillaScented

Love, Rosa <3


  1. yessir! i love the whole burberry prorsum collection- it's amazing, isn't it? and i'm a shoe-addict anyway so i just melted away when i saw these shoes <3
    Gorgeous blog!

    xoxo, elle adore.

  2. elle adore - yes it is amazing, indeed ;)
    thanks for your comment :)

  3. Those shoes are true love. Nice blog btw!
    Jana & Vanessa