Tuesday, April 6

Nose piercing

I've been thinking of getting me a nose piercing for quite some time now. At first I was sure that I just wanted one of those small round silver ones, but then I started crushing on a ring a la Abbey Lees instead. What do you think? No or go...? I'm sure that I want a nose piercing, the only question that remains is what kind of ring.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. i like lips-piercing but nose is ok ;D do it, do it !:D the ring like in the picture is great ;)

  2. So, I just found your blog through this post. Although it's dated way back in April, a nose peircing sounds like an absolute idea! I'm actually considering to get one myself! :)

  3. North Moon - haha, I got one about 2 weeks after I posted this ^^
    Well, if you like nose piercings I think you should get one, I didn't regret it, so why should you?
    You can always take it out if you don't like, you know ;)

  4. I suppose I'm a bit late. Haha Well, very cool! I think I'm going to get one in a few weeks! :) And yes, I suppose that is true about taking it out if I'm no longer interested.

  5. North Moon - sounds good.. You're gonna love it! :)

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