Monday, May 31


I think I've found my favorite clothing combo - shirt, leggings and my wedges. If my creativity level is at minimum, I usually just pick out a shirt and a pair of leggings to wear. Today I had to meet with my mom 15 minutes after I woke up, so I had to just threw something on. But well, the main reason I'm showing my outfit, is because I was using my new bag, and I wanted to show you how it looks hanging on my/a shoulder. So, here you go!

Shirt & bag - Topshop. Leggings - Monki. Jewelry & jacket - H&M. Wedges - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3


Just came home from a bit of shopping - I'll show you what I bought later, and also outfit pictures coming up. But now, sushi! Yum yum!

Love, Rosa <3

Today's the last day of spring

Bah, last day of spring today, and I love spring. It's my favorite time of the year. Now I'll have to wait a whole year for it to be spring again.. On the other hand this also means that tomorrow is the first day of summer. Roskilde Festival, Stockholm and London suddenly don't seem so far away. Can't wait 'til my exams are over, so I can relax in the sun while listening to music and later walk around the big city of London (and Stockholm..) while shopping and drinking frapuccinos from Starbucks. This summer is going to be good for sure!
Today's been pretty weird so far. I woke up very early 'cause my dad basically marched into my room with this package, and suddenly I was completely awake, 'cause I realized that it had to be my new bag, which my mom bought for me last week. Then just 5 minutes ago my dad called to say that he had just bought me a new computer, and I was like ''uhm, ok....'', and then right after I hung up my mom called to say that she had bought sushi for dinner tonight, and asked if she should buy a Wii Fit board (or whatever it's called..). Right now I'm just thinking ''we're going to London and Stockholm this summer, aren't you supposed to be saving your money or something...?''. But fine, if they wanna spend it all, just go ahead.
Oh, and I love my new bag, it's very slouchy, lots of zippers and all. Love it!

New bag from Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, May 30

Viktor & Rolf FW 2010

Oh this show is so cool! I love the idea and everything. Viktor & Rolf are always such geniuses!
Love, Rosa <3

Need new rings

I'm in desperate need of new rings, and a lot of them, please, so I was looking around at Ebay for silver rings and came across a seller, who sells these very cool rings. Now I definitely know where I'm going to buy my next couple of rings. Go check the seller out here.
Today it's been raining literally all day, so I've just been at home, eating cup noodles, rice biscuits covered with chocolate and drinking milkshake. Oh, and the first Harry Potter movie is on TV, haha, they were soooo cute back then!

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, May 29

It's witchcraft!

Love that Nicole Fox models for Wildfox, very cool!

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, May 28

Just lazy

Outfit from yesterday.
Went to that exam thing (which wasn't really an exam, but more like a test). It went fine, not great, just fine, and now I'm doing nothing 'til next thursday!
Absolutely nothing.. Besides relaxing of course...! And wishing for better weather.
By the way, I'm in desperate need of new jewelry, anybody know any sites that are worth checking out?

Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Tights, jacket, jewelry & jumpsuit - H&M. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Bag - Dixie. Scarf - Zara.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, May 26

You gotta admit it...

.. Smoking looks hot in pictures!
My 2nd year of High School is officially over! Oh, well, I have 3 tests and 1 exam before my real vacation begins, but those tests don't really influence/mean anything, so I don't really care about those. The first one's tomorrow though and I haven't begun preparing yet.. Guess I better get to it?

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, May 25

All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be

Apparently I like looking down in pictures..
Well, today was a very short day. I only had 2 classes and then I went shopping with sweetheart Nanna. I should've worked on my exam thing which is thursday, but I'm too lazy, so I guess I'll end up very, very stressed tomorrow, which by the way is my last school day this year and, again, I'm only having 2 classes. Lucky me!
Today's outfit is pretty simple, I didn't really have the time yesterday to pick out something extraordinary, but I like simplicity, so, well... And notice, I'm wearing my new headband! Which is leo printed (what a surprise??)!

Shirt & leggings - Monki. Headband - Topshop. Jacket & jewelry - H&M. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Scarf - Zara. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3

The maxi and even more leopard

I have a thing for leopard print. Yup, indeed I have a thing for leopard print. Therefore I just had to buy the very cheap jumpsuit from H&M. Isn't that obvious?
I also have a thing for maxi dresses, though I haven't worn one yet, well at least not in public, and therefore I just had to buy the black maxi dress from H&M as well.
And I actually have minus money (as in minus on my account...), great job, Rosa! But I was planning on buying it in a week anyway, so why not just do it now?
I even believe that the maxi dress was the last one of its kind in Århus (the city I live in..)!
More shopping will have to wait 'til the 1st though..

Both items are from H&M Divided.

Love, Rosa <3

The gorgeous (tall) leopard

I'm in love with these shoes and have been since I saw them on Topshop's site. These are knock-offs that can be bought on ebay for a total of $85.
The only problem about these shoes is that they're 4.5'' and I'm already 5'10.5'' bare footed, which will make me 6'2.5'' when wearing them, and that is quite tall. I've been trying to boost my self confidence since I came home, so that I could make myself believe that no one would really care about how tall I am, but I still don't know. I woman/girl at 6'2.5'' is a very, very tall woman/girl.
So I wanted to ask you, dear readers, how tall is too tall? Are these boots too high for a 5'10.5'' girl?

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, May 24

Shop Nasty Gal, right now!

I've already blogged about this site once before, but it's just oh so great!
Yesterday (night) I filled a shopping bag at Nasty Gal, just for fun, and looked around at their site. Not only do they sell the most perfect clothes ever, but their styling is soooo inspiring as well. Just wish I had some money, so that I could buy some of it!
By the way, my mom just bought me a bag from Topshop, that looks a lot like the one at the 2nd picture, hihih, can't wait 'til it arrives!

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, May 23

I still love Abbey

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Magnus Unnar for Ten Magazine, summer 2010.

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, May 22

Oh summer!

Non-fashion related post, hihi!
Today (or wednesday, as a matter of fact) summer finally arrived for good! It's been 23 degrees and we've had sun almost all day - therefore the strawberries with cream, yum yum! There was like half an hour with rain, almost, it rained maybe 300 m. from where my mom lives (look at the 2nd picture, haha), but that's it. Nicest weather this year so far, and yet I chose to wear a black knitted top, great job, Rosa, not a good idea at all.. And the last picture shows how it looked outside just 20 minutes ago.
Right now ''Dirty Dancing'' on TV, my favorite dance movie!!! Sooo cute!!!

Love, Rosa <3


Yesterday we finally found out what exams we're going to this year. I have only one exam this year, and it's French, which I'm totally thrilled about, cause that means I get to ''keep'' my A in media! Therefore my dad decided to buy me a cake (I normally don't eat cake...), which tasted very good, except from the green topping, don't know what it is...
I didn't plan on showing my outfit from yesterday, but felt like it anyway, so here you go! I DIYed the shorts from my old Cheap Monday jeans (the ripped ones). I never wore them, cause they weren't so skinny anymore...
By the way, yeah, I wear this boots all the time, but they're oh so comfortable! Unfortunately they're kind of beginning to fall apart...
I hope everyone had a great friday evening!

Short - DIY Cheap Monday. Top, tights & jewelry - H&M. Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, May 20

Playing it simple

So, today it actually turned out to be 23 degrees. Now that's kind of a lot, and it was (again..) way too hot to wear black clothes. I'm really bad at dressing for sunny weather.. When I pick out what to wear, I don't really think about the weather, guess I'll have to learn that...
Tomorrow is the senior classes' last school day, which means no white clothes, cause they'll probably throw water everywhere and at everyone (except from other senior classes of course...).
But now I think I'm gonna go to bed... goodnight, lovelies!
Oh, one last thing - remember to ask me questions on formspring!
I'm dying to answer them...! If you have any, that is...

Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Top, jewelry & jacket - H&M. Jeans & scarf - Zara. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Bag - Dixie. 

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, May 19

Mixed patterns no. 2

Ok, the patterns aren't that visible, or the polka dot pattern isn't, but couldn't come up with a title, I'm so uncreative these days...
By the way, wearing that huge scarf today really wasn't a good idea. It's been 22 degrees or something, and the sun's been shining non-stop. I mean, nice weather, but oh my god, hot!! I've heard that it's going to be 25 degrees tomorrow. Hmm, exciting!
Right now, enjoying my last cup of tea for today (or not really, cause I'm in kind of a hurry), and saying goodbye to my computer, as it'll probably break once I ''close'' it (you know what I mean..?). So if I suddenly stop blogging for a period, it means my computer screen is split in two/has cracked.
Better go, my bed is calling, goodnighty folks!

Dress used as top & shorts - Gina Tricot. Jewelry, tights & jacket - H&M. Scarf - Monki. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

Les maxis

If I had the money, I would go buy all of these maxi dresses.
I know this trend is kind of old news by now, but I'm getting more and more hooked on maxi dresses by the minute! Just imagine yourself walking around at a festival in one of these, paired with a straw hat and a pair flip flops or sandals. Sounds kind of hippieish, but I like! And it's the ideal summer wear for me, cause I hate bare legs (my legs are always as pale as snow....).

Maxi dresses from Topshop, Monki, Asos & H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, May 17

Staying awake to chase a dream

Outfit from today. Wearing my new shirt, it's soooo comfortable. The fabric is just so soft, and the fit is quite loose, which I love. I think, this shirt and me will become very good friends!
Today I went to school for 4 hours and then home, 'cause I wasn't feeling that well, after a cup of (my favorite) tea is immediately felt better.
Now I'm off to bed, need to get some sleep, got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. See ya, lovelies!

Shirt - Topshop. Tee - American Apparel. Leggings - Monki. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Scarf - Gina Tricot. Jewelry & jacket - H&M. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, May 16

Inspiration on a sundaý

Just a little inspiration on a not so inspiring sunday - I've been doing absolutely nothing all day!
Think I'm gonna take a shower now, and then watch a couple of episodes of Gossip Girl.. See ya!

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, May 15

New new

The perfume is a gift from one of Nanna's friends (who I hadn't met until thursday) and smells really sweet - totally me! Love the bottle 'cause it looks like a candy cane, so cute..
The dress, headband and shirt are from Topshop. Bought them 2 weeks ago or something like that..

Love, Rosa <3

Outfit from thursday night

Last thursday (the 13th) me and Nanna threw our 18th birthday party which was a lot of fun!
Just wanted to share what I was wearing, hihi.

Dress - H&M Trend. Jewelry & tights - H&M. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3