Monday, May 24

Shop Nasty Gal, right now!

I've already blogged about this site once before, but it's just oh so great!
Yesterday (night) I filled a shopping bag at Nasty Gal, just for fun, and looked around at their site. Not only do they sell the most perfect clothes ever, but their styling is soooo inspiring as well. Just wish I had some money, so that I could buy some of it!
By the way, my mom just bought me a bag from Topshop, that looks a lot like the one at the 2nd picture, hihih, can't wait 'til it arrives!

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Hahaha, I always do the same at Nasty Gal! I fill my "bag" with about 10 pieces and wish I could buy them just all!

  2. Between Venus and Saturn - a girl can always dream ! :p