Sunday, May 2

Down to the floor

Bought this dress while shopping with my big sister today. I actually wanted the all black dress instead, but they didn't have it, and you can never get too many stripes anyway, right?
I returned to pants that I was talking about thursday and the dress as well, didn't like them after all.
I also bought a dress which I might be wearing for me and Nanna's 18th birthday party, not sure though, cause the fit is a bit weird, but it's a really cute dress. Unfortunately for you I can't show it here, cause then Nanna will also see it, and we've got an agreement on not showing each other our outfits until the evening of our party, which actually is a bit sad, cause I could really use somebody to tell me how it looks on me, hmm! Dilemma...
Yesterday me, my bigsister (also called Nanna) and my mom went midnight bowling, which was totally hilarious! With just 4 throws each left, I was behind by 2 points, and then I made 3 strikes in a row, and ended up wining by 70 points, haha! Had not seen that coming, especially when I had just thought to myself ''oh, what the f***...''. Sometimes you're just lucky, I guess.

Maxi dress - H&M.

Love, Rosa <3