Tuesday, May 25

The gorgeous (tall) leopard

I'm in love with these shoes and have been since I saw them on Topshop's site. These are knock-offs that can be bought on ebay for a total of $85.
The only problem about these shoes is that they're 4.5'' and I'm already 5'10.5'' bare footed, which will make me 6'2.5'' when wearing them, and that is quite tall. I've been trying to boost my self confidence since I came home, so that I could make myself believe that no one would really care about how tall I am, but I still don't know. I woman/girl at 6'2.5'' is a very, very tall woman/girl.
So I wanted to ask you, dear readers, how tall is too tall? Are these boots too high for a 5'10.5'' girl?

Love, Rosa <3


  1. NO :)
    I'm the same height as you are and I wear very tall heels that make me look like a king-kong, but I don't care to be honest :)
    and I think these wedges are worth of being stared at :P :)

  2. Anonymous - Well, i think im gonna buy them.. Im a senior next year, which means that we're the eldest ar our S
    school (then you're "allowed" to do more, act like you want to etc.) and it's our last year, and i would be very nice to own these shoes after school is over..

  3. ooohhh beautiful shoe!!!

    im in love =.=

    xx xx www.namisu.blogspot.com