Sunday, May 9


Pictures from a fabulous 'Grimdag'! 'Grimdag' means 'Ugly day' directly translated from Danish. It basically means that you dress in the ugliest clothes you have and then go to school. During our breaks between lessons, we dance the boogie woogie and the ugliest couple from each class do catwalk in front the whole school. Probably the most funny school day of the entire year.
Afterwards we go to a bar near the school which is called 'Douren' (or 'Troubadouren'...) to party the rest of the day/evening/night..

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Haha, sikke fede billeder! De får mig virkelig til at trække på smilebåndet, og det kunne jeg godt bruge lige nu:)
    Tak tak

  2. Josephine - er da glad for at jeg kunne hjælpe :)