Friday, May 28

Just lazy

Outfit from yesterday.
Went to that exam thing (which wasn't really an exam, but more like a test). It went fine, not great, just fine, and now I'm doing nothing 'til next thursday!
Absolutely nothing.. Besides relaxing of course...! And wishing for better weather.
By the way, I'm in desperate need of new jewelry, anybody know any sites that are worth checking out?

Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Tights, jacket, jewelry & jumpsuit - H&M. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Bag - Dixie. Scarf - Zara.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. amazing :) i love ur leggins u have biatiful legs :)


  2. Minette - hahah, thanks ;) it is a jumpsuit though :p

    The Cherry Punch - thank you !! :)

    NaMisU - Thank you, hihih ^^