Tuesday, May 25

The maxi and even more leopard

I have a thing for leopard print. Yup, indeed I have a thing for leopard print. Therefore I just had to buy the very cheap jumpsuit from H&M. Isn't that obvious?
I also have a thing for maxi dresses, though I haven't worn one yet, well at least not in public, and therefore I just had to buy the black maxi dress from H&M as well.
And I actually have minus money (as in minus on my account...), great job, Rosa! But I was planning on buying it in a week anyway, so why not just do it now?
I even believe that the maxi dress was the last one of its kind in Århus (the city I live in..)!
More shopping will have to wait 'til the 1st though..

Both items are from H&M Divided.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Love the leopard print! *_*


  2. Minette - yeah, so do I ;)
    and thank you :p

  3. Jeg har også den lange, sorte maxi fra H&M. Den er simpelthen så smuk på.. glæder mig bare til vejret bliver bedre og kan bruge den :)

  4. Lineandree - Ja, den er så! Kunne godt finde på at møde op til min eksamen i den, hvis vejret da bliver til det :p

  5. yes the leopard print is gorgeous :)