Saturday, May 22

Oh summer!

Non-fashion related post, hihi!
Today (or wednesday, as a matter of fact) summer finally arrived for good! It's been 23 degrees and we've had sun almost all day - therefore the strawberries with cream, yum yum! There was like half an hour with rain, almost, it rained maybe 300 m. from where my mom lives (look at the 2nd picture, haha), but that's it. Nicest weather this year so far, and yet I chose to wear a black knitted top, great job, Rosa, not a good idea at all.. And the last picture shows how it looked outside just 20 minutes ago.
Right now ''Dirty Dancing'' on TV, my favorite dance movie!!! Sooo cute!!!

Love, Rosa <3


  1. summer summer summer!
    jeg elsker det! det trængte jeg godt nok også til.. lidt varme ;)
    tjek min blog ud hvis du har lyst.

  2. JORDBÆR. Ihh bliver helt misundelig på den skål jordbær.

  3. Cecilie - ja, det var helt klart tiltrængt, og så måtte det godt have blevet her, for der faktisk lidt koldt lige nu :p

    Michelle Marie - hahah, kan hilse og sige at de smagte rigtig rigtig godt :p