Thursday, May 20

Playing it simple

So, today it actually turned out to be 23 degrees. Now that's kind of a lot, and it was (again..) way too hot to wear black clothes. I'm really bad at dressing for sunny weather.. When I pick out what to wear, I don't really think about the weather, guess I'll have to learn that...
Tomorrow is the senior classes' last school day, which means no white clothes, cause they'll probably throw water everywhere and at everyone (except from other senior classes of course...).
But now I think I'm gonna go to bed... goodnight, lovelies!
Oh, one last thing - remember to ask me questions on formspring!
I'm dying to answer them...! If you have any, that is...

Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Top, jewelry & jacket - H&M. Jeans & scarf - Zara. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Bag - Dixie. 

Love, Rosa <3