Tuesday, May 25

All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be

Apparently I like looking down in pictures..
Well, today was a very short day. I only had 2 classes and then I went shopping with sweetheart Nanna. I should've worked on my exam thing which is thursday, but I'm too lazy, so I guess I'll end up very, very stressed tomorrow, which by the way is my last school day this year and, again, I'm only having 2 classes. Lucky me!
Today's outfit is pretty simple, I didn't really have the time yesterday to pick out something extraordinary, but I like simplicity, so, well... And notice, I'm wearing my new headband! Which is leo printed (what a surprise??)!

Shirt & leggings - Monki. Headband - Topshop. Jacket & jewelry - H&M. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Scarf - Zara. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I love your outside outfit pictures! They look good! So does your outfit :-)

  2. Paulien - thank you two times!! :D

  3. You look beautiful!!!!!LOVE IT ALL! :)

  4. Mila - thank you so much !! Your comments are always so sweet ;)