Wednesday, June 23

3 days left now

I'm so freaking excited...!
This is my ''festival pack'' as I like to call it: a hat to cover for the sun, a pair of (very) cheap shoes that you can throw out as soon as you get home (or before for that matter..) and a fanny pack, which was very cheap too, to keep all your most precious belongings safe.
And sorry for being lazy these days. I don't know what to blog about, cause I'm basically not doing anything. Just enjoying not going to school and not having to do homework. Vacation is good. No. Vacation is fabulous.

Hat from Dixie. Bag from ?. Shoes from ?.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. good luck at the festival!

  2. Viktoria - haha, thank you ;) :p I think I might need it ..