Monday, June 21

Summer equals black.. or...

This is what I wore today! Almost all black.. I don't know why really, cause when it was colder I was like ''nah, I can't wear all black, people will just think that I've gone emo...'' and now when the sun's shining and it's really hot outside I'm wearing black! And I'm also wearing - as in ''winterboots'' (according to some people...). I'm no good at dressing for summer, that's for sure. Later I did take off my jacket and my scarf though, cause suddenly it got hotter!
By the way, I love Go hype my outfits (if you like them that is..)!

Top, tights & jacket - H&M. Shorts & sunglasses - Gina Tricot. Scarf - Zara. Boots - Doc Martens. (And my Topshop bag which isn't seen in the picture).

Love, Rosa <3