Saturday, June 5

Pictures from a day in the park

Today I was chilling with my friend, Nanna. First we went to a secondhand bazaar and then on our way to the park, we saw the queen of Denmark! I've never actually seen her in real life before, so that was pretty funny. After that we just relaxed in the park, ate chocolate biscuits, drank diet ice tea (which tastes oh so good!), listened to music and read magazines. I got a sunburn, of course, so now I've got like a line in my forehead, not that cool! Reminder to myself - never wear headband when it's sunny outside...
Wearing my new jumpsuit from H&M and my new headband, by the way.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. i love your bag, hair & amazing jewellery! so lovely :)

  2. Chantelle - thank you ! you're such a darling ;)

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