Friday, June 11

Happy, happy, happy

Not wearing anything special today, very simple, but I'm wearing my new shoes! They're quite comfortable by the way. Oh, and no make-up so covering up my eyes, also cause I hate my skin at the moment, and don't really feel like showing my face, hmm....
But today has been a good day, cause the plan for Roskilde Festival was released and it's just perfect for me. None of the bands that I was planning on seeing/listening to are playing at the same time, which is just awesome. Simply awesome (and perfect...).

Top & shoes - Monki. Skirt - American Apparel. Tights, earrings & jacket - H&M. Bag - Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. super cute! the tights are amazing :)

  2. Natalie - thank you very much! :p