Saturday, June 5


I wasn't supposed to buy anything for the rest of the month, since I'm going to Roskilde Festival, but when you stumble over such perfect items it's hard not to!
I went shopping a bit with my mom here at night (hahah, 3rd time this week!), at Århus Open by Night (meaning a lot of the stores will stay open til 12 o'clock), and found a this beige headband (I'm kind of trying to put together a collection of headbands..) and the die dyed scarf, which I think will be absolutely perfect for fall/winter, in a store that I've never shopped in before, I've been there before, but never actually bought anything. They have a lot of accessories. Well, actually they only have accessories, and in all the colors you can imagine. I also bought the black jumpsuit, cause I've wanted a jumpsuit for quite some time, and this one is so comfortable. Might wear it tomorrow!

Jumpsuit from H&M. Headband and tie dye scarf from Trend Accessories.

Love, Rosa <3

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