Friday, July 30

These might be my new fave pants

Cause now I'm wearing them again.. They're kind of hard to style though.
Tomorrow at noon I'll be going to my cousin's wedding. Might have time for a little post before leaving, but not sure. I'll be home again sunday and then monday I'm going to LONDON!

Jacket & pants - H&M. Blouse - Monki. Shoes - Shoe'Shi'Bar. Bag - Topshop. Scarf - Zara.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, July 29

Current wishlist

All of this for less than $350. Very tempting!
These days all I can think of is how to dress for winter (and next week's trip to London of course!). I've even begun wearing my velvet leggings again, though it's really not that cold outside.´
By the way, aren't those grey wedges just beautiful? I need them!

Everything is from H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

How I feel right now

Mom, if you randomly steps by my blog - I have a message for you: stop asking me about my effin' future! It makes me kinda sick...

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, July 27

Simple days

Hello! This is basically what I'm wearing these days - very simple, very comfy and absolutely no make-up..
Looking forward to this saturday where I'm going to my cousin's wedding. Finally getting the chance to dress a bit up! I've missed that. And I'm going to see my family from USA as well. Haven't seen them in ages...

Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Jewelry & top - H&M. Rucksack - Secondhand. Jeans - Zara. Boots - Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, July 26

Need some new shoes

 makes some serisouly nice shoes, and they're very cheap too! I wouldn't mind owning some of these, and if I wasn't going to London (in just a week now) I would definitely have bought some of these.
How's everyone been by the way? Sorry for being so quiet and not blogging...

Shoes from

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, July 23

Me and da new pants

Sorry for the bad blogging during the last 2-3 days, I've been a little busy!
Today's been a nice day, relaxing, very nice. It started raining in the evening, still raining, but it's ok. The weather's been soooo nice during the last couple of weeks, so a little bit of rain is absolutely ok.
Right now I'm watching ''Sliding Doors'' and I'm pretty sure one of the Gwenyths is gonna die...

Pants & jewelry - H&M. Top & shoes - Monki.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, July 20

Oh blah

Sorry about the silence here on the blog, but I've caught myself a fever so I'm not feeling good and stuff....
Hope it'll get over soon, cause I've already spent 2 weeks of my vacation being sick, it's not fair...

Pictures from Johnny's Bird and WeHeartIt.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, July 19

Ask me anything

Hello guys. I'm bored and I don't want to go to bed.

Happy birthday to my little brother Malthe by the way...

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, July 18

Sleepy sunday

Here's the belt I bought yesterday. I kind of needed it, cause I didn't have any black belts at all. And the new Elle DK July 2010.
Right now I'm watching the end of today's stage of Tour de France. It's an exciting stage today and I'm rooting for Andy Schleck!
Besides that I've just been playing a bit piano, not really done much, love sundays, though when it's vacation, everyday is like a sunday.

Belt from H&M Divided. Elle DK July 2010.

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, July 17

Love that hat of mine

I would wear it (the hat) everyday, but I'm afraid I'll just get tired of it.
Today I went to the city fast just to check if they had my McQueen wannabe pants in a smaller size, unfortunately they hadn't. Ended up buying a skinny belt instead that I'll show tomorrow, 'cause now I gotta run, so see ya tomorrow and have a nice saturday evening/night!

Dress & jewelry - H&M. Leggings - Monki. Sandals - Shixo. Hat - Dixie. Bag - Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, July 15

Leo on my feet

The latest addition to my wardrobe/sock collection (which mainly consists of black socks at the moment). I thought they were funny, so I bought them.
What do you think about leo print on feet?

Socks from Gina Tricot. (Wedges from Monki).

Love, Rosa <3

More, more & more = not good

Please, someone, ask me why the **** I'm shopping? I shouldn't be shopping, I mean.. I'm going to London in 3 weeks! I'm supposed to be saving my money!
Anyways, just wanted to show you these items that I bought today.
I really like the blazer. I've been looking at it for, well, I don't know, 2-3 months now and now I finally own it myself! It's one size too big, but whatever. I also bought a pair of really funky socks that I'll show tomorrow, cause I forgot them at my mom's. Oh, and I stole a Guns N' Roses tee that my mom actually bought for my littlebrother, hihih. It's waaaaay too big, but I like it!
Like my curtains? I hate 'em....
And now it's late, better go to bed, goodnighty!

Blazer with waterfall effect in front & long black tee w/ studded shoulders - H&M Divided. Army green ''holed'' top - Gina Tricot (bought on sale!).

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, July 14

Same same, but different

Hello again. What a productive day? No, I don't think so, but I've been more productive today than I've been the last week.... So that's good I guess?
Just came home from the cinema/dinner-thing with my mom. ''Eclipse'' was as great as I'd expected. I love that it was a bit scary here and there, cause I love scary movies, but at the same time it was as romantic as those stories usually are. Go watch it! (If you haven't already that is...).
Besides the pants that I showed earlier, I've also bought 2 tees and a blazer that I'll show later, cause I'm at my mom's right now. But, well, here's my outfit from today for ya!

Hat - Dixie. Shirt & bag - Topshop. Top, leggings, bodychain & earrings - H&M. Shoes - Shixo. Sunglasses - Gina Tricot.

Love, Rosa <3

The wannabe McQueen pants

Fell in love with these pants when I saw them for the first time. There was only 1 pair left when I went shopping today, unfortunately they're 2 sizes too big, but I mean I can just ''change'' them a little and they'll probably be fine. Keeper?
Now I gotta go - going to the cinema. I'll catch ya later, bye!

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, July 12

Nothing but the maxi

Outfit from yesterday! I think it was about 30-32 degrees outside, so crazy hot.... The outfit is very much like my previous outfit, sorry about that, and I'll try to be a little more creative next time.
Today I've been doing nothing, as always... Tomorrow I'm going shopping though, and maybe out for dinner and to the cinema afterwards. Gonna be funny, cozy etc.
And sorry for looking so moody, but after 10 pics I kind just gave up.

Rucksack - Episode (secondhand). Maxi & necklace - H&M. Jacket - Gina Tricot.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, July 11

11.07 PM

11.07 PM by Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.
I've got a new song crush. It's an old song, but the band played at Roskilde Festival and each time I listen to it, it reminds me of what a great trip it was. That is actually kind of weird considering I didn't go to their concert. At the time they played I was sitting in my camp with my friends eating dinner and getting ready for the Nephew concert. But well....

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, July 10

Just me and my rucksack

Not the most thrilling outfit, but here you go! I liked it. Felt quite comfortable.
Today's it's been 30 degrees outside. 30! I was wearing a jacket when I went outside for the first time and as soon as I took a step out the door I was like ''Holy ****! It's hot out here!'', quite surprising imo, cause it wasn't that hot yesterday... But well, summer's here, it's great!
Right now I'm watching the last 30 km of today's stage of Tour de France. Yes, I watch Tour de France, and I like it, I actually find it quite exciting...

Jumpsuit - H&M Trend. Jacket - Gina Tricot. Rucksack - Episode. Sandals - Shixo.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, July 9

Yup, I'm stealing

Love stealing pictures from WeHeartIt when I don't know what to blog about.
Outfit picture from today coming up tomorrow. I'm lazy, sorry.
Been having a great vacation so far? I have, except the illness of course....

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, July 8

Got a lot of catching up to do

Well.. The title says itself, the only problem is that I don't really know what to blog about. I'm still sick, the weather sucks kind of and it's my vacation, meaning I'm lazy and usually just walk around the house in my PJs. Ill figure out something though, promise.
I bought this bag at Roskilde Festival. It turned out handy later that week when we had to wait in line for 8,5 hours to be front row at the Muse concert (which was absolutely awesome by the way!). You might think that I'm stupid or boring or something because I wanted to wait in line for 8,5 hours, but I just like Muse, hihih, and waiting in line wasn't that bad either. It was actually a lot of fun..

Leather rucksack from Episode.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, July 6

I'm home!

1 - Agora G (where we lived, this was just a very small part of the camp site). 2 - Nanna and Laura. 3 - Malou. 4 - Disgusting food. 5 - Malou and Nanna. 6 - Paramore at Arena. 7- Hayley Williams from Paramore. 8 - Gorillaz at Orange. 9 Nanna, Malou and I trying on colorful wigs. 10 - Orange stage. 11 - Florence + The Machine at Odeon. 12 + 13 - Nephew at Orange. 14 - people from my camp. 15 - The Rumour Said Fire at Odeon. 16 - We waited in line for Muse for 8,5 hours. 17 - Sweetheart Rikke. 18 - Matthew Bellamy from Muse (and Dominic Howard behind the drums). 19 + 20 Muse at Orange (we were front row). 21 - Malou (waiting in line for Jack Johnson). 22 - Jack Johnson at Orange. 23 - People waiting for Prince. 24 - Last picture of Orange stage.

Hello peeps! I'm home! Actually I came home yesterday, but I was way too tired to blog, and I'm sick. Yay.... Don't expect any outfits until I'm well again. Sorry!
I know there's a lot of pictures, but I had to show them to you, hah.
Anyways, it's been a great trip. I miss the festival already. Wouldn't mind another concert or two, though it's kind of nice to be home and feeling clean and sleeping in a bed with a pillow instead of on a very thin madras in a sleeping bag, and having to use your clothes as a pillow cause you forgot to bring one...
I'm going next year for sure though, cause it was AWESOME! And then I'll bring my super camera, cause I hate the quality of these pictures... I've really missed my Nikon D90.

Love, Rosa <3