Thursday, July 29

Current wishlist

All of this for less than $350. Very tempting!
These days all I can think of is how to dress for winter (and next week's trip to London of course!). I've even begun wearing my velvet leggings again, though it's really not that cold outside.´
By the way, aren't those grey wedges just beautiful? I need them!

Everything is from H&M.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. do you mean ALL of that stuff for 350$? all of it!? wow! and its really nice clothes too! love the fedora hat! :)

  2. i'm liking those wedges - the heel seem to be a good height.

  3. Really nice blog! Following your since now ;)


  4. Amazing pieces, I love the boots and the tops!
    I love your blog too :)


  5. wow! great loot! go for it! :D

    nice blog you have here! drop by mine if you have the time :)

  6. Åhh mange af de ting, finde du også på min ønskeliste for H&M. :)

    Mvh. Michelle-Marie

  7. The Divinitus - yeah, not too high and not too low :p they're ''walkable''.. :)

    Lara - thank you and welcome ;)

    Jessica Weingarten - thank you :p

    Ina Seb - oh, trust me, I will.. I'm currently in London, and tomorrow me and my friend are going shopping at Oxford Street! :p

    Michelle Marie - de er også fede imo :p