Tuesday, July 6

I'm home!

1 - Agora G (where we lived, this was just a very small part of the camp site). 2 - Nanna and Laura. 3 - Malou. 4 - Disgusting food. 5 - Malou and Nanna. 6 - Paramore at Arena. 7- Hayley Williams from Paramore. 8 - Gorillaz at Orange. 9 Nanna, Malou and I trying on colorful wigs. 10 - Orange stage. 11 - Florence + The Machine at Odeon. 12 + 13 - Nephew at Orange. 14 - people from my camp. 15 - The Rumour Said Fire at Odeon. 16 - We waited in line for Muse for 8,5 hours. 17 - Sweetheart Rikke. 18 - Matthew Bellamy from Muse (and Dominic Howard behind the drums). 19 + 20 Muse at Orange (we were front row). 21 - Malou (waiting in line for Jack Johnson). 22 - Jack Johnson at Orange. 23 - People waiting for Prince. 24 - Last picture of Orange stage.

Hello peeps! I'm home! Actually I came home yesterday, but I was way too tired to blog, and I'm sick. Yay.... Don't expect any outfits until I'm well again. Sorry!
I know there's a lot of pictures, but I had to show them to you, hah.
Anyways, it's been a great trip. I miss the festival already. Wouldn't mind another concert or two, though it's kind of nice to be home and feeling clean and sleeping in a bed with a pillow instead of on a very thin madras in a sleeping bag, and having to use your clothes as a pillow cause you forgot to bring one...
I'm going next year for sure though, cause it was AWESOME! And then I'll bring my super camera, cause I hate the quality of these pictures... I've really missed my Nikon D90.

Love, Rosa <3

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