Saturday, July 10

Just me and my rucksack

Not the most thrilling outfit, but here you go! I liked it. Felt quite comfortable.
Today's it's been 30 degrees outside. 30! I was wearing a jacket when I went outside for the first time and as soon as I took a step out the door I was like ''Holy ****! It's hot out here!'', quite surprising imo, cause it wasn't that hot yesterday... But well, summer's here, it's great!
Right now I'm watching the last 30 km of today's stage of Tour de France. Yes, I watch Tour de France, and I like it, I actually find it quite exciting...

Jumpsuit - H&M Trend. Jacket - Gina Tricot. Rucksack - Episode. Sandals - Shixo.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I really like your hair, and the rucksack is beautiful!

  2. Anonymous - thank you !! :p

    Lineandree - tak tak :) er også meget glad for den :p