Thursday, July 15

More, more & more = not good

Please, someone, ask me why the **** I'm shopping? I shouldn't be shopping, I mean.. I'm going to London in 3 weeks! I'm supposed to be saving my money!
Anyways, just wanted to show you these items that I bought today.
I really like the blazer. I've been looking at it for, well, I don't know, 2-3 months now and now I finally own it myself! It's one size too big, but whatever. I also bought a pair of really funky socks that I'll show tomorrow, cause I forgot them at my mom's. Oh, and I stole a Guns N' Roses tee that my mom actually bought for my littlebrother, hihih. It's waaaaay too big, but I like it!
Like my curtains? I hate 'em....
And now it's late, better go to bed, goodnighty!

Blazer with waterfall effect in front & long black tee w/ studded shoulders - H&M Divided. Army green ''holed'' top - Gina Tricot (bought on sale!).

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Love the waterfall cardigan! Awesome blog, I'm following!

  2. Melissa - thank you :p so do I ;)

    Mila - yeh I know, I think it's gorgeous! :p

    Aimee - thank you :) and welcome!! :p

    augustaalolita - so do I ;) thank you :p

  3. thanks for the comment:) love the black tshirt!x