Wednesday, July 14

Same same, but different

Hello again. What a productive day? No, I don't think so, but I've been more productive today than I've been the last week.... So that's good I guess?
Just came home from the cinema/dinner-thing with my mom. ''Eclipse'' was as great as I'd expected. I love that it was a bit scary here and there, cause I love scary movies, but at the same time it was as romantic as those stories usually are. Go watch it! (If you haven't already that is...).
Besides the pants that I showed earlier, I've also bought 2 tees and a blazer that I'll show later, cause I'm at my mom's right now. But, well, here's my outfit from today for ya!

Hat - Dixie. Shirt & bag - Topshop. Top, leggings, bodychain & earrings - H&M. Shoes - Shixo. Sunglasses - Gina Tricot.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. You`re adorable.
    Your style is great but i think yo should do more to promote your blog!Like leave comments or something so people find out about the blog.

  2. Anonymous - thank you (a thousand times..) :)
    trust me, I'm trying :p well, sometimes, but I'm kind of lazy...
    thanks for motivating me though, I'll step it up from now on !! :)

  3. Just to say that this anonymous agrees with the upper anonymous :) you SHOULD promote your blog, I really like it, and I like your style. :) maybe cause I love BLACK as much as you do. :)

  4. Anonymous - wow, uhm... first - thank you :D
    these comments are really motivating!! :p
    means a lot to me... :)

    and - black IS a very, very nice ''color'' :p I love it, hihih