Tuesday, August 31


This outfit would have been so simple if it wasn't for the pants, but I wasn't really in my creative mood this morning when choosing what to wear today, cause I wasn't feeling good at all and therefore I also didn't go shopping today. That'll have to wait 'til tomorrow.
Definitely wear these pants too much....
Right now: shower time!!!

Jacket, pants & jewelry - H&M. Blouse - Monki. Shoes - Tiamo. Bag - Topshop. Scarf - Trend.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, August 30


Payday tomorrow.. Guess what I'm gonna do?!
I seriously gotta get me that galaxy shirt, it's fab!

Everything's from Monki.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, August 29

Aha, yeah, totally...

I'm home! And oh so tired...
This weekend has ended way too fast. I have so much homework to do you wouldn't believe it and no time to do it. So I better get going...
More blogging tomorrow, I swear!

Cardigan & short - Gina Tricot. Tee, jewelry, jacket & tights - H&M. Boots - Tiamo. Scarf - Trend. Bag - Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, August 27

See you Sunday

Leaving for Copenhagen in just a second. Just thought I'd let you know.
So I wont be blogging until Sunday. Promise to blog my outfit from today Sunday though!

Good times, see ya!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, August 25

Almost sweeping away

Today at school we had to have our pictures taken - as in school photos - so I kind of wanted a ''timeless'' outfit, but I don't really know how timeless it turned out though.
The blazer looks kind of weird in the first picture, but it was quite windy when we took the pictures. Actually, it's been pretty windy all day. It sucks!
Now I better go to bed. I haven't really had time for homework today, cause I got home like 50 minutes ago. That sucks too.. But well, that's life?

Blazer, tee, jacket & jewelry - H&M. Jeans - Gina Tricot. Shoes - Converse. Scarf - Trend. Bag - Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, August 24


I've totally forgotten everything about the last pictures from Stockholm, so here you go! I know it's kind of a big bunch of photos, but I didn't really want to do a #4, so...
The pictures are from the last 2 days - saturday and sunday.
Saturday we went sightseeing by boat, and we also checked out a couple of different museums. It was ok - I'm not really much of a ''sightsee-er'' as you might know by now.
Sunday we went shopping - now that's me! - for a couple of hours, and then we went home. And as you can see, it also ended with Starbucks. It's so addictive! And they don't have it Denmark.. Only in the airport in Copenhagen....
Tomorrow we're going to have our pictures taken in school. Like class photos and stuff. Gonna be fun!
Better get the rest of my homework done. See ya!

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, August 23

It's time for changing

Outfit from today. Only had 4 hours of school, which was pretty cool. Still I already feel kind of stressed and stuff, cause I have a danish hand-in due sometime next week, and I'm pretty sure that I won't make it in time since I'm not home next weekend. I'll try not to take it out on the blog though.
Right now I'm watching OTH, but I better get started on my homework, since it's getting sort of late.

Shirt - Monki. Top & bag - Topshop. Shorts - Gina Tricot. Scarf - Trend. Jacket, tights & jewelry - H&M. Boots - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3


Mr. Wang + Abbey Lee.. is it love? Oh yeah, I think so!!

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, August 22

Hello & goodnight

Hello dear readers!
Sorry for not blogging the entire weekend (+ friday). I've just kind of needed a break, and I've also been a bit busy, but now I feel a bit guilty, hmm.
Well, just wanted to assure you that I'm back again.
Right now I'm doing homework, and yes, it is a bit late for doing homework, but sort of have some issues with myself and pulling myself together and stuff. It's stupid, yep. Actually I'm on the edge of saying ''fuck English'' and just go to bed instead cause I'm way too tired to be doing homework right now.
Anyways, the outfit is from tuesday, just haven't posted it, cause I thought that it was kind of boring, but here you go!

Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Tee & jewelry - H&M. Jeans - BikBok. Wedges - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, August 19

It's lost so easily

Yeah, I know that outfit pictures everyday is boring.. Promise not to post another outfit tomorrow, hihih.
One day left 'til weekend. God I can't wait. Didn't go to school monday, so really I shouldn't be complaining, but due to watching OTH for a little too long yesterday I didn't really get any sleep, so I'm pretty tired and in need of some rest. And I got a hell of a bunch of homework to do for tomorrow, and I haven't started yet, so I better get going.
See ya!

Tee, jacket& jewelry - H&M. Jeans & sunglasses - Gina Tricot. Bag - Topshop. Boots - Tiamo. Scarf - Zara.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, August 18

What if...

Weird layout..
Anyways, this is what I wore today! I also gave up taking a picture 'cause I was all soaked when I got home. It's been raining all day and it sucks. Ok, it's not raining anymore, but... still sucks.
The sweatshirt is from the trip to Stockholm, the headband I bought in London and you might not be able to see it that well on the pictures, but I'm wearing a new nose ring!
I think I'm gonna take a shower now, then head down to my dad's to do my homework and watch some OTH - I've borrowed the entire first season from one of my friends, so I think I better get started.
By the way, I'd love a new header. Anyone got any ideas for a new one?

Sweatshirt - Monki. Pants & jewelry - H&M. Sandals - Shixo. Headband from a random store.

Love, Rosa <3


More pictures from Stockholm. These are from day 2. We went shopping that day and that's about it.
Right now I'm in school, so better concentrate on that.
Outfit pictures coming up later, see ya!

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, August 16


So this is what I bought while I was in Stockholm. I didn't really have any money, so I borrowed a bit from my mom.. She gave me the dress by the way. She saw me trying it on, and she insisted on buying the dress, if I'd wear at the next party at my high school, so I said ''sure why not?''. The fabric is soooo nice (and the print too).
The rest is pretty basic. 2 loose tees, a simple shirt, a sweatshirt and a pair of skinny jeans.
The shoes, well the model, was very popular last year. I still like them and now I own a pair myself. Nice, nice!
And of course you can't go to Sweden without buying ''Bilar''.. Love them.

Shirt & jeans - Gina Tricot. Shoes - Tiamo. Dress & tees - H&M. Sweatshirt - Monki. Mascara - Max Factor. (Also bought a new eyeliner from Make Up Store..).

Love, Rosa <3


Yeah, quite a big photobomb, but I have quite a lot of pictures from the trip.
These pictures are from day 1, and of course, the trip began with Starbucks! Our dinner the first evening was delicious!
After eating dinner we went for a stroll around the city, and it turned that there was a culture festival thing going on in Stockholm the days we where there. There were about 6 stages placed around Stockholm that had different themes, one of them was called Roskildescenen (yup, as in Roskilde Festival). Only danish bands played at that scene (like Fallulah, Nabiha, When Saints Go Machine, The Floor Is Made Of Lava, Turboweekend etc.), so suddenly we felt quite at home, and it was a little weird cause I'm still wearing my Roskilde-bracelet. Lots of festival vibes! It was great, hah..
Anyways, the last picture shows the yacht we stayed at/in (?) - it was called Mälardrottningen.
More pictures later, and I can happily announce that my suitcase arrived here at home about an hour ago, so I'll show you what I bought later as well.
Oh, by the way, sadly I don't have any outfit pictures from the trip. Didn't very anything special anyway, cause I had packed for rainy weather, and it turned out to be 30 degrees and very, very sunny every day...

Love, Rosa <3