Tuesday, August 3

Going for a stroll on Oxford Street

Me and Nanna have spent all day - literally - shopping at Oxford Street. There are sooo many shops it's just crazy!
We ate lunch at Pret-a-Manger (mmm, by the way, they make some of the best sandwiches!) and dinner at Bella Italia, where I had the best lasagne I've had for 5 years! Damn it was good...
After that we went to Carnaby Street, cause we wanted to check out the American Apparel there, but it was closed so we're gonna do that another day..

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Carnaby Street, CAPITAL MUNDIAL DE LA MODA MASCULINA :D I love that place, particularly Lambretta and Merc stores. TAKE NOTE, Little Barrie is playing at Merc's on Aug 13th ;) Are you still gonna be there?

  2. Fran - yeah, Carnaby Street is great :p very ''small'' and cozy :)
    Unfortunately no, we're going home this saturday ;)