Sunday, August 22

Hello & goodnight

Hello dear readers!
Sorry for not blogging the entire weekend (+ friday). I've just kind of needed a break, and I've also been a bit busy, but now I feel a bit guilty, hmm.
Well, just wanted to assure you that I'm back again.
Right now I'm doing homework, and yes, it is a bit late for doing homework, but sort of have some issues with myself and pulling myself together and stuff. It's stupid, yep. Actually I'm on the edge of saying ''fuck English'' and just go to bed instead cause I'm way too tired to be doing homework right now.
Anyways, the outfit is from tuesday, just haven't posted it, cause I thought that it was kind of boring, but here you go!

Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Tee & jewelry - H&M. Jeans - BikBok. Wedges - Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Love your jewels! Great mood dear!

  2. Love your chain necklace and the unusual wash of your jeans :)

  3. Awesome bodychain <3
    and you're doing homework?school started there..
    i'm still on holiday till october.

  4. how come schools starts so early in Denmark? :O

    and the outfit is great :) as always :)

  5. Chiara - haha, thank you :b i know my mood sucks, i was pretty tired yesterday ;)

    Porcelain complexion - thank you!! :)

    Adeline - yeah, school started about two weeks ago.. It sucks :b we get waaaay too much homework..

    Anonymous - thats caus Denmark sucks :b and thank you :) !

  6. Din hårfarve er vel nok fin :)