Saturday, August 7

Last photobomb from London

We're going home tomorrow morning, so these will be the last (very colorful) pictures from London. Today we went to the Portobello Road Market and strolled around in Notting Hill for a couple of hours. Then we went on to High Street Kensington to do our last bit of shopping, and then directly to Picadilly Circus where we ate dinner at Starbucks (ehem... sandwich.. not a real dinner) and saw Hair, which by the way was absolutely awesome!!! The mood during the whole show was just great and it was soooo funny!
Though it's been good being here, I kind of can't wait to go home. I'm sooo tired, and I can't wait to place my clothes in my closet!

Love, Rosa <3


  1. i loove london, i've been going to central quite a few times this summer :)if you ever come back to england you should go to westfields, which is this shopping centre, it has all these shops from designers to high street :)

  2. Mary Lee - so do I.. It's such a fantastic city!
    Sure I'll go back sometime, so thanks for the tip ;) I'll try to remember it :)