Sunday, August 8

London outfit #4 and last

Hmm.. looking down. Sorry 'bout that!
The outfit is from yesterday - our last day in London. Didn't have time to post it, 'cause my computer ran out of battery just after my last post, but here you go!
Now I'm home. Kinda bored. Wanna go to bed, but I'm not really tired. I have to though, 'cause school starts tuesday, and I have to change my ''daily rhythm''.
So, well.. You'll probably hear from me soon again. Good times, everyone!

Blazer & jewelry - H&M. Top & bag - Topshop. Jeans - Zara. Shoes - Converse.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Next Tuesday? xDDDDD What kind of country is that yours??? :O

  2. Mila - yeah, London <3 :p

    Fran - that's Denmark! haha :p no, actually I think it's just my school that starts tuesday.. the teachers still have to go to work tomorrow though :p

  3. Rigtig fin blog du har dig! Følger dig nu fast! Og så må du have en fantastisk tur til Stockholm, min anden Hovedstad! ;-D

    BIG HUG fra
    A Shopaholic is loose... ;0)

  4. Thanks for your comment, I do really like your blog!
    London's amazing, isn't it?Whenever I have some spare time, I take the first bus to London and do wild shopping at camden, portobello, or oxford st!!
    Hope you had fun, you and Nanna!!
    Well, i promise i'll be back, so i'm following you (otherwise i think i could forget your blog address in like, 2 days!)
    xx Simonne

  5. A Shopaholic is loose - haha, tusind tak :) og velkommen til ! :p

    Simonne - thank you x 1000 :p
    Me and Nanna had a lot of fun :p we went both Portobello & Oxford, didn't have time for Camden though :/
    And welcome :)