Friday, August 6

Outfit from today

Yeah, kind of awkward pictures, but people were staring at me when we took these pictures and a guy even turned his camera towards me. Creepy!
But well, the outfit is pretty simple (as always). Very comfortable. Good for sightseeing!
Now I'm off to bed, very tired, and we were supposed to have gone to bed like an hour ago. So goodnight!

Jacket, sunglasses & shorts - Gina Tricot. Top & jewelry - H&M. Tube top - American Apparel. Rucksack - Secondhand. Shoes - Converse.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. sweeeet ♥♥♥
    I want more from you;)


  2. Of Moons Birds & Monsters - thank you :p

    Chloé - thank you !! :p doing my best ;)