Monday, August 16


Yeah, quite a big photobomb, but I have quite a lot of pictures from the trip.
These pictures are from day 1, and of course, the trip began with Starbucks! Our dinner the first evening was delicious!
After eating dinner we went for a stroll around the city, and it turned that there was a culture festival thing going on in Stockholm the days we where there. There were about 6 stages placed around Stockholm that had different themes, one of them was called Roskildescenen (yup, as in Roskilde Festival). Only danish bands played at that scene (like Fallulah, Nabiha, When Saints Go Machine, The Floor Is Made Of Lava, Turboweekend etc.), so suddenly we felt quite at home, and it was a little weird cause I'm still wearing my Roskilde-bracelet. Lots of festival vibes! It was great, hah..
Anyways, the last picture shows the yacht we stayed at/in (?) - it was called Mälardrottningen.
More pictures later, and I can happily announce that my suitcase arrived here at home about an hour ago, so I'll show you what I bought later as well.
Oh, by the way, sadly I don't have any outfit pictures from the trip. Didn't very anything special anyway, cause I had packed for rainy weather, and it turned out to be 30 degrees and very, very sunny every day...

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I'm seeking on Spotify the bands you have mentioned, do you use it? cause if so, I'd love to have a look to your playlists, sure you know lots of nordic bands I don't. This is mine:


  2. Your pics are always great, have you ever considered studying photography?I'm glad your suitcase finally showed up, I hate when i loose my luggage with all my stuff in it: once i was flying back to rome from philadelphia, and i've lost my luggage with 1.200$ spent on clothing in it!!!!Fortunately i had it back a week later!

    xx Simonne

  3. Fran - I don't use Spotify, but I'll go check it out now :p sounds kinda cool :)
    Though I don't really listen to nordic bands that much, I suppose I know some.. :)

    Simonne - first: thanks a lot :p
    second: uhm, I mean yeah sure, photography is one of my hobbies, I love taking pictures and sharing them, but I've only really wanted to do one thing in my life, and it's not photography :p
    Well it's a good thing your suitcase didn't get lost on your way to Philadelphia :p that would've sucked big time ;)

  4. It's SUPERB, I LOVE Spotify, can't stop using it. Btw, I think you won't be able to sign up staying in Denmark (even thought you can use it staying there, which is stupid) and you'll need an invitation (otherwise your listening time is restricted to 20h/month, which is rubbish) :F write me an email if you're interesed