Tuesday, August 24


I've totally forgotten everything about the last pictures from Stockholm, so here you go! I know it's kind of a big bunch of photos, but I didn't really want to do a #4, so...
The pictures are from the last 2 days - saturday and sunday.
Saturday we went sightseeing by boat, and we also checked out a couple of different museums. It was ok - I'm not really much of a ''sightsee-er'' as you might know by now.
Sunday we went shopping - now that's me! - for a couple of hours, and then we went home. And as you can see, it also ended with Starbucks. It's so addictive! And they don't have it Denmark.. Only in the airport in Copenhagen....
Tomorrow we're going to have our pictures taken in school. Like class photos and stuff. Gonna be fun!
Better get the rest of my homework done. See ya!

Love, Rosa <3

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