Wednesday, August 4

Today's purchases

This is what I've bought during our trip today. 3 of the items on the 1st picture are clothes from a post I did not so long ago. Wanted pieces and now I have them! I bought the black scarf cause my old scarf from Zara went missing saturday, and I haven't found it yet (I also haven't been home, but whatever...). The American Eagle top is from Topshop and I like it a lot! It's very rock'n'roll. The dotted tights are for a 25th wedding anniversary I'm going to in 3 weeks. It's my 3rd pair. I seriously rip those all the time and it's beginning to bug me quite a lot.
At the 2nd picture you can see my new jewelry. I know the picture is quite blurry, but you'll get to see the rings sometime anyway. Uuh, and a new red lipstick. Can't wait to use that!
4 new nail polishes in one day - couldn't help it. Loved the colors. Right now I'm wearing the ''red'' one.
And of course - CDs are so much cheaper here than in Denmark. Actually everything is cheaper here than in Denmark. So I bought the last 2 Muse CDs that I don't have, Audioslave's best CD imo and one of my favorite Queens of the Stone Age CDs as well.
And that it's for today! Next stop: Brick Lane.
Oh and I forgot to mention my beloved Jelly Beans. They're worth every penny (ehem, pound..)!

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Hullabaloo rocks :) weird and curious

  2. Fran - everything that Muse has done rocks! :p
    Except Neutron Star Collision.. that song really sucks >.<
    I prefer their two first CDs though cause I think they've maybe become a little too mainstream... And I love Matt's crazy guitar playing when he was younger, haha :p

  3. jajajajajaja I absolutely agree! It sounds a little homo. btw, that kind of bands usually sound harder when they're "rookies". Same happened with Arctic Monkeys (even though they still have a HORRIBLE live performance) or The Raveonettes. And then, every single time I hear a new album of them I think "wtf is that??" cause is never what I expect it to be and I always need to hear them twice before love it :F And yeah, all Muse has done rocks!

  4. Bands like those should keep playing that kind of punk/noisy sound... :p it's way better than mainstream music. yeah, sure they'll earn more money, but what's the point if you don't really have your own sound? :) it's just way cooler..
    The Raveonettes are danish by the way :p