Wednesday, August 18

What if...

Weird layout..
Anyways, this is what I wore today! I also gave up taking a picture 'cause I was all soaked when I got home. It's been raining all day and it sucks. Ok, it's not raining anymore, but... still sucks.
The sweatshirt is from the trip to Stockholm, the headband I bought in London and you might not be able to see it that well on the pictures, but I'm wearing a new nose ring!
I think I'm gonna take a shower now, then head down to my dad's to do my homework and watch some OTH - I've borrowed the entire first season from one of my friends, so I think I better get started.
By the way, I'd love a new header. Anyone got any ideas for a new one?

Sweatshirt - Monki. Pants & jewelry - H&M. Sandals - Shixo. Headband from a random store.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. elsker blusen :)

  2. Loving this look soo much!!! It's not only the H&M pants (which I LOOOVE!), but how you styled them with that oversized sweater and that headband! It screams perfection to me! :)

  3. Regitze - thank you :) it's from AA, if you're interested :)

    Cecilie - tak :p den er super behagelig ;)

    Nadia - oh thank you ! :p