Monday, September 27

Bangs? Or not?

Hello guys.
I know that this post is kind of besides the point 'cause it had nothing to do with fashion (almost) whatsoever, but I sort of need a 2nd (and 3rd and 4th etc.) opinion about something.
You see, lately, or to be exact, for the last 1,5 month I've been thinking of getting bangs. But I'm not sure if I want heavy bangs a la Abbey Lee in the 1st picture or asymmetric bangs like Ashley Olsen in the 2nd picture. Actually, I'm not even sure if I dare to get bangs, but I'd really appreciate some ''help''.
By the way, no outfit pictures today. I've had a stomachache since around 10 o'clock so I'm not really in the mood to take pictures. Tomorrow though, promise!

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I think you'd look great with a fringe! You could always grow it out if you change your mind.
    Hope you feel better asap xo

  2. Porcelain Complexion - oh, so that's what it's called 'a fringe'. Well, a fringe would also be my first choice :b sort of just need to decide whether I dare or not.. thanks for commenting ^^

  3. The second one is better i think because the first one is, yeah, really "heavy" and so difficult to wear, it gives caracter to a face ...

  4. Abaca - hmm, I've already had that kind of bangs before, and everyone said it was pretty and stuff, but I just thought that my face looked kind of plumby.. but that's just me :p

    ok, so now it's 1 for fringe vs 1 for ''side bangs''..

  5. I'm against bangs, sorry! That's what I call an awning-type cut of hair. And it seems that I'm the only man around here, innit? ;)

  6. Marina - hmm maybe :p but thanks for commenting ^^

    Fran - awning-type cut ? :p like ''hide-your-face-type cut'' ? :)
    And yeah, I think you are the only man, hah :p