Thursday, September 16

Feels like flying with broken wings

Yet another very simple outfit..
Today's been ok, but I'm soooo tired. And in a hurry too. I was supposed to be at my dad's 30 minutes ago and I'm still at my mom's so I better go.
No net at my dad's so more blogging tomorrow! Well, maybe, I got a part in the school musical so I'll have to stay at the school 'til about 10.30 pm tomorrow. That's quite a long time, yes, but it's ok. Being a part of the musical is a lot of fun!!
Now: Rosa gotta go! See ya!

Hoodie, Gina Tricot. Shorts, DIY Cheap Monday. Tights, jacket & tights, H&M. Boots, Shoe'Shi'Bar. Scarf, Trend. Bag, Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. cool shorts! cant believe in some countries its colt enough to wear tights and layered jackets! in greece were still with t shirts! crazy!

  2. Skøn blog! Er nu fast læser.
    -og måske ville du tag et kig på min ;-)

  3. Kristen Leotsakou - kind of love fall (and spring) so I can't say I'm jealous :p
    some people still walk around bare-legged though ;) but not many anymore!

    Sofie - selvfølgelig vil jeg det ! :p
    Og velkommen til ;)