Sunday, September 5


Hello guys!
Outfit from friday - very simple, very black. I've just been too lazy to post it. Sorry 'bout that.
My sister's been visiting us this weekend and it's been very cozy, but now she's gone home and I have to make homework and get ready for school tomorrow, guess that's it for this weekend?
But oh gosh, I'm so tired...
Yesterday I went a little online-shopping-crazy. I've bought stuff from Gina Tricot, Topshop and Asos in just one day! Not good, not good... But I'm kind of excited to receive all my new purchases. Wonder how much money I have left? Can't be much...

Blazer, top, jewelry & top, H&M. Tube top, AA. Jeans, Gina Tricot. Dr. Martens. Bag, Topshop. Scarf, Trend.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. suuuper lovely outfit :)


  2. the dr. martens are always THE DR MARTENS! :D

  3. hello always i love total black....i love this outfit..hard and rock...kisskiss

  4. N.K.L - thank you ! :)

    Ana - true true :p and I love mine ;)

    .....InStyle.... - loooove all black too ! :p and thank you ;)