Thursday, September 16

I'm stuck

I'm still stuck on Alexander Wang's FW08/09 collection. I mean, it's just so perfect? So rad...
Now he's just gone all-white.. and I don't like that! I get the idea of all-black, cause it's cool, and black makes you look thinner and stuff, but white is just, so clean.. too clean! And too bright...
In school right now. Tired, actually I'm almost falling asleep at times. Gotta go to bed early tonight.
I hope you're having more fun than me.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I loved this range too, the white was a bit too white for me too.
    I'm not having fun at the moment either (7.1 scale earthquake) Hope your week gets better :)

  2. Porcelain complexion - wow, like in your city/country??
    It already got better ;) I got a part in the musical we're going here at my school! :p
    I'm absolutely thrilled ! :p

  3. yeah,black is better.white gets dirty so fast,that i actually have to change everyday :)) (esp pants/skirts)