Thursday, September 30

Little Ms. Momsen

Sorry, but I still happen to think that Taylor Momsen is awesome. I know a lot of people don't, but I do.
I don't like her attitude though...

Love, Rosa <3


  1. When i heard about her doing music, i thought it was gonna be like Leighton Meester : not that good (to be nice). But i actually thinks she doesn't pretend to be a rockstar, she is,in a way. Her voice is amazing, her band sounds cool and her lyrics are simple but great. And i don't talk about her amazing style :D ...
    Too bad it's hard to find her album in France !

  2. Abaca - I actually haven't heard her music, which might be a little embarrassing, but their CD wasn't released here in Denmark... :/
    I'd really love to hear it though. I've heard a lot of people say the same things about her band and her music as you did. So I guess she must be good ^^
    Gonna check out YouTube.. Yeah, that's what I'll do ;)

  3. She reminds me a little of Courtney Love, I like her grunge style

  4. hun er nice men tænker altid på hende som little miss mobset.

  5. Sofie - Indeed! :p

    Porcelain Complexion - Yeah, me too a little bit, and I really, really like her style ! :p

    Liv Skov - jaaah, det er nok også det der irriterer mig mest omrking hende. Har læst et eller andet sted, at hun også skulle være en total diva og sådan noget :/