Thursday, September 9

Look, it's an eagle

Lots of huge pictures of details from my outfit today, hope it's okay, cause I really wasn't in the mood for a gull figure picture. Not that my outfit was anything special or anything like that, but felt like sharing anyways.
Blogger sucks right now, don't know what's going on with this posts layout....
Anyways, I actually gotta run. Got a lot to do! Not much homework for tomorrow, only a hand-in in music, but I have to go an audition for the musical at my school tomorrow and I haven't even decided why part I wanna try out for yet. Hmm.. Elaine or Mrs. Robinson? Decisions, decisions....
Also means I gotta stop watching OTH right now. It's too addictive!

Cardigan & jeans, Gina Tricot. Top & bag, Topshop. Jacket & ring, H&M. Boots, Tiamo.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. your top is amazing.
    i want this outfit!
    also cool blog

  2. Great outfit as usual Rosie!!!
    dk if you remember of me, but i'm one of your followers! I own a blog too, called 'La Fille du Chat Noir' which receives a couple of visits a day. I'm telling you this, cause i'd like to make a sort of affiliation with your blog, exchanging the links to our blogs (: I've got a a section in my side-bar called 'Recommended blogs' and i'd be glad to feature your blog in it, if you could do the same...let me know what you think about it!

    xx Simonne

  3. another question...which kind of layout are you using?

  4. Simonne - hello :p yes I remember you ;)
    and sure, I'll be glad to do that :D

    My layout is sort of one of those recommended models that I've changed a bit (I've made the sidebar smaller), and I use photobucket to make the pictures bigger.. :)