Saturday, September 4

New jacket?

Hi dear readers!
You see, my mom and I have made a deal - if I do all of my homework 'til fall break, then she'll buy me a new jacket.
But I'm not really sure which jacket I want.
Originally I was thinking of this shearling jacket, but I already have a leather jacket that looks a lot like it.
What do you think? Should I choose this one? Or something totally different?

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Oh wow! This jacket is great! I want one like this for this winter!
    DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!! <3 ;)

  2. This jacket will be a great fall staple! I'd say FINISH THE HOMEWORK ASAP! ;)

  3. I like the shearling, but I'm not going there for the same reason--to close to my regular leather. I say go for something different!! Or maybe just a different colour? I think there's a really nice tan leather shearling from Zara...

  4. I love it. Bu if you feel like you have something similar, maybe you should buy a shearling jacket in another color.

    And you asked me about macarons.. They're made of almond powder, sugar and egg whites. But I guess they're kind of difficult to bake. Everything's got to be perfect. Anyway, if they're well made they taste delicious :).


    P.S: I'm going to add you to my Google friend list :D

  5. i bought this jacket i luv it soo much..i think its sold ouut in the regular sizes but i know they sell it in petite..get it so worth it

  6. your blog is so lovely *__*

    xoxo wanda

  7. hugs - it wasn't sold out last time I checked :p
    which was 5 minutes ago ... :)

    Besides, I've actually to buy another jacket now, haha ^^

  8. this jacket is nice, i love the collar :Dfollowed.

  9. this jacket is awesome!! :)) although, I have the same problem, choosing the color and everything...I actually would like one in some different color, other than black leather, to variate... :))


  10. Jeg synes du skulle tage den der jakke, den er super sej! :))

    Jeg følger dig nu :)

    - Sophie

    Kig forbi min blog, hvis du har lyst :)))

  11. thank u ;)
    u have a nice blog, very cute :)