Monday, September 13


Hello pretty people!
Just wanted to say sorry for not blogging the entire weekend, but I've been extremely busy.
Friday I went to an audition for the musical at my school and I sucked! The only good thing was that they said that I sang beautifully, but yeah, well, we'll see about that, probably wont get a part in the play, hmm. After that I went straight home to get ready for the party at my school that evening. Saturday we had guests so no time for blogging there either, and yesterday I did homework from 12 am 'til 11 am. So yeah, kind of a busy weekend.
Today I ditched 3 classes cause I had to do more homework and I'm still not done, just taking a quick break. Better get back to it.. Wish me luck?
By the way, outfit pictures coming up later, and I also wanted to ask you - what do you want more of on the blog? Give me some clues to make the blog better...

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Super fede billeder! :-) din blog er vildt hyggelig at kigge på. Jeg er nu en af dine faste læsere, hehe!