Wednesday, September 1

To be yourself is all that you can do

By the way... Chris Cornell and Tom Morello are gods!

So.. first day of fall, huh? Gotta say, and I know this may sound wrong to some people, but I've actually been looking forward to fall the last couple of weeks. Fall and spring are my favorite season - it's not too cool and not too hot, so you can basically wear whatever you want (except from when it's raining that is..). So, yeah, I'm good with fall finally here.
I actually went shopping today, but just for once, I didn't find anything that I wanted. I checked out the starry top from Monki, but it didn't look like I thought it did, so I'm not gonna buy it and now I don't know what to buy! Maybe I should check out Topshop, they might have something, I need to shop! My mom's buying me a new jacket if I do all my homework 'til christmas, hihi, looking forward to getting it, but that was the only thing I'd planned on buying, hmm, what to do, what to do...
Oh, one last thing, you probably can't see it, but I got my hair cut (last thursday). I think it's too short though. I want my old hair back!

Hat - Dixie. Jacket & jewelry - H&M. Scarf - Trend. Top - Monki. Jeans - Gina Tricot. Boots - Tiamo. Bag - Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

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