Sunday, October 31

Advise me

Hello guys, been busy all weekend (and friday) rehearsing musical, hence the lack of blogging.
And you know, never really blog that much during the weekends anyways - there's not really much to blog about.
But anyways, wanted to ask you if you could maybe give me some advice on how to make the blog better?
Like, what do you want more/less of? Music, outfits, etc.?
And if anyone has any question, I'm ready to answer it, so just shoot!

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, October 28

Silly, silly

Today when I woke up, I realized that I felt even worse than I did yesterday, but I still chose to go to school - bad idea.
I couldn't focus on anything else than my headache so I ended up going home at 11 am after just 3 classes - one of which was spend on trying to get in contact with a local ear doctor. It then turned out that they're fully booked 'til november 8th = the next 1,5 weeks are going to be terrible.
But there also good things ahead! Guess which day it is tomorrow? It's friday, yes, but it's also payday!!
I'm going to musical rehearsals though, so no shopping 'til tuesday. Bummer.
And they even want me to sing solo again tomorrow. Another bummer.
I hope everyone's feeling much better than me and that you're having a much better time than me these days!

Oh and by the way, I'd just like to say hi to all the new readers. Thank you very much for joining!

Jacket, blazer, tee, jewelry, gloves & tights, H&M. Shorts, Gina Tricot. Scarf, Monki. Faux fur vest, Vila. Bag, Topshop. Socks, Asos. Boots, S///Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, October 27

When darkness arrives

I feel even worse today that I did yesterday, but still I chose to go to school. The first two classes we're cancelled anyways so I could sleep late, but then I missed the bus (it was early, hate when that happens), and 'cause I was feeling really bad I stayed at home 'til 12.30 where I went to school. So today I've two classes and then I've rehearsed musical for 3 hours.
At the rehearsal the teacher wanted me to sing solo, and I was like ''but seriously, listen to my voice? (I'm ill...) You want me to sing solo today....?''. She didn't give in, so I had to sing. Crap.
Right now my sister is going crazy with our Band Hero game, so I think I'm gonna go join her - I can't focus on homework anyway because of a huge headache, so....
And as you can see, today's outfit is pretty simple. Yet again. Guess I need to do some shopping soon!

Cardigan & jeans, Gina Tricot. Tee, jacket & jewelry, H&M. Faux fur vest, Vila. Bag, Topshop. Shoes, S///Bar. Scarf, Monki.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, October 26

Nobody loves you as much as I do

I have a shoe fetish these days....
Seriously, if I wasn't so damn tall I would've bought those Litas without hesitation. They're so beautiful (and quite cheap too)!
But unfortunately, wearing them would make me 6'4'' (193 cm), and that's about very, very tall! But geeeh, they're beautiful...
Long ago, I made myself a promise though - that when I'm done with high school, I'll wear whatever shoe I want to. Doesn't matter how heigh the heel is or whatever. Right now, I just hate feeling like a giant when I'm in school.
Anyways, today I'm going to the doctor to get my ear fixed. About time. I'd like to go back to school - I miss my friends and some of them I haven't seen for 1,5 weeks now, so..
And I'd also like to be able to listen to music normally again.....!

Source: Solestruck. All shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, October 25


Hello prettylicious people!
Today I got up, after only 3 hours of sleep, and put on my clothes and my make-up just to get to the conclusion that I was better off staying at home. 3 hours of sleep is just not enough, I know that, but I couldn't sleep last night 'cause I have a problem with my right ear - I can't hear anything at all! And it makes me dizzy...
Anyways, I'll stop complaining, ha.
Just thought I'd snap some photos of my outfit anyway and then I went straight to bed.
Now I gotta go get my ear fixed!

Jeans & cardigan, Gina Tricot. Top & jewelry, H&M. Tube top, American Apparel. Doc Martens.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, October 24

Seven things that make me happy

Of course, there are other things besides my shoes that make me happy...
Anyways, here are my favorite seven pairs of shoes that I own.
Right now I'm preparing for the first day of school after vacation which is tomorrow. Don't know if I'm excited or unhappy that school is starting again. Can't wait to see the girls again, yet I can't help thinking about something my teacher said before vacation started: ''After the vacation everything is gonna be a lot more stressing and you're gonna have so much homework to do and so many hand-ins to do too''. Yeah, that's about his exact words. I knew it was coming anyway. It sucks and I hate school.
I'm also thinking about good things to come though. Like Christmas which is in exactly 2 months and my 19th birthday which is in exactly 3 months. Seems like such a long time though.
Payday is close though. This friday to be exact. Now, that's something I'm excited about!

1st picure: Tiamo. Converse. Monki.
2nd picture: S///Bar. Din Sko. Din Sko. Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, October 23

Falling away

How great is this jacket? I find it pretty much perfect. So of course, I thought I'd just found the perfect jacket for me, just to find out that not only is it sold out, it's probably never coming back again. Meh...
Now I'm just gonna look everywhere on the internet to find a similar jacket. I'm in love!

By the way, I'm back!

Found at, but can't find it again...

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, October 19

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Hi guys. I'm sorry about the lack of activity on the blog these days, but I have vacation this week, meaning I basically just walk around the house in my PJs and watch movies, play piano and stuff like that.
I don't even have any money, so I can't go shopping. Bummer.
Today, though, I'm going to BBQ (I think...) at a friends house, gonna be fun I'm sure.
Anyways, I've been looking at these shoes for a while now and I thought that I might buy one of those pairs next month. Kind of doubting which pair though. I really like the ones in the upper left corner, but most people find them ugly as h***, but the rest of the shoes are just so ''normal'', you know?

All shoes from Vagabond.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, October 17

I took my love down to Violet Hill...

Hello guys!
Here are some more outfit pictures from CPH.
These are from wednesday, where we had to go to two concerts - a concert with the best symphonic orchestra in Denmark and a concert at a world renown jazz house called ''Montmartre'', so I guess I thought I just had to dress up a bit, but it turned that both concerts were pretty ''casual''. Bummer!
Both it was a great evening. Don't really like classical musical and I don't think I was the only one having trouble staying awake, but it was fine, it was cool. The jazz concert was just amazing! Don't remember the name of the band though..
By the way, I'm wearing my dress with the ''chainy'' shoulders.... but you can't see it.

Jacket, dress, gloves & tighs, H&M. Vest, Vila. Scarf, Gina Tricot. Rucksack, Secondhand. Boots, Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

You've lost your touch

During my visit in Copenhagen I noticed that my beloved Shoe'Shi'Bar wedges are falling apart. Actually, I think they might fall apart the next I'm wearing them.
So therefore, dear readers, I wanted to ask you, does anyone of you know where I can get a pair of new super comfy black wedges? 'Cause I loved these and wore them a lot (obviously..). Don't know what I'd do without a pair of black ankle wedge boots.

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, October 16


Here's a photobomb with pictures from me and my class' trip to Copenhagen. Had great time, Copenhagen's awesome.
I think I went a little crazy with the editing..
Well, at the first picture you can see the view we had from our hostel room. Quite nice, huh?
Coming up with more blogging later!

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, October 14

Trying things b/w

Have you missed me? Well, I'm back! Whether you like it or not..
And this is what I wore on the first day of our trip - tuesday.
Had a great trip, I'm just very tired right now, and can't of pissed off about us going to school tomorrow. I mean, come on.. it's not fair!
But after tomorrow we'll have a week of vacation which is absolutely awesome, so it's kind of OK.
Anyways, now I'm gonna go watch some OTH, relax, have dinner, whatever, so see ya tomorrow!

Faux fur vest, Vila. Jacket, knitted sweater, tights & scarf, H&M. Rucksack, Secondhand. Shoes, Converse.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, October 11

Bye bye Birdies

So, I'm gonna say goodbye, 'cause I'm going to Copenhagen with my class tomorrow, and I won't be home 'til thursday - and therefore no blogging. But I promise you - blogging thursday! I'll probably have a lot to blog about.
Anyways, been baking for 4 hours today (for tomorrow). Hope the girls will like my muffins and my cookies, otherwise I was a waste of time.
And now I'm gonna go, need to take a shower and I haven't packed yet either. Oh geez, stress!!
Oh, and by the way, you probably can't see it, but I'm wearing the velvet tights....

Hoodie & scarf, Gina Tricot. Leggings, Monki. Tee, jewelry & jacket, H&M. Boots, Shoe'Shi'Bar. Rucksack, Secondhand.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, October 10


Today I'm too tired to do anything besides lying in my bed. So today is all hot chocolate, music, movies, OTH and eating chocolate. I need to regain my strength before going to Copenhagen with my class this tuesday.
By the way, 5 minutes after these pictures were taken, I spilled hot chocolate all over the floor, as in literally all the over the floor (it's a very big cup!) - awesome!
How are you spending you sunday?

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, October 8

Rise & fall

Outfit from today.
I'm so going to bed now. In a second. Just need to watch another episode of OTH.
These pictures were taken when I came home from rehearsal.. Can you tell I'm tired? Hah..

Shirt & jeans, Gina Tricot. Top, Topshop. Bag, Secondhand. Jacket & ring, H&M. Faux fur vest, Vila. Boots, Shoe'Shi'Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

For me only

Hey guys.
Gooooooood, I'm tired. I have a headache and all I wanna do is go to bed, but I guess I kind of have to wait at least an hour.
I've been rehearsing musical since 3pm, and came home about 30 minutes ago. It was fun, but, gah, I don't know, I'm just so tired!
Anyways, before musical our last two classes were cancelled so I went shopping for a bit.
Seems like these days, when I go shopping, I always end up buying at least 2 cds?
Also my package from H&M arrived, yupii! How great is that?

All clothes from H&M. Gorillaz - Demon Days. Audioslave - Out Of Exile. Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, October 7

Sleep now in the fire

Yes, sorry about the lack of 'non-outfit' posts lately, but I just don't know what to write, and then what's the point, right? I hope it's ok though.
Today I went to my first singing lessons. It was really fun and my teacher is soooo nice. So that was quite cool.
Then tomorrow I have to rehearse musical 'til 8pm, so I'm not sure there'll be time for blogging, but we'll see. Like I usually say, you never know.
Now I'm gonna take a shower and then head to bed, cause I am TIRED.

Jacket, jewelry, tee & tights, H&M. Shorts, cardigan & scarf, Gina Tricot. Bag, Secondhand. Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, October 6

I would, if I could

So today has been ok, or, I don't know...
I guess I'm just a bit frustrated about that whole musical thing, but that's another story and won't be complaining it here on the blog, so.
But besides that, everything's fine and life must go on, right?
Now I better go and get something to eat, though I'm not really hungry, but you gotta eat.

Blazer, jacket, rings & top, H&M. Jeans, Gina Tricot. Faux fur vest, Vila. Boots, Tiamo. Bag, Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, October 5

They're tearing my dreams apart

Too tired..
Either I need a photographer, or I need to find a spot outside where I can take pictures cause this is not working! I hate indoor pictures..
Anyways, this is what I wore today, for my 50 minutes in school. Thought we were going to block the school outside, so that we would be sitting outside, but that wasn't really the case. So I guess that knitted dress and velvet tights were unnecessary.
Right now: listen to loud, loud, loud music!

Dress & jacket, H&M. Tights & scarf, Monki. Rucksack, Secondhand. Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3


Ahh, Johnnys Bird - love that site. Well, anyways, hi guys!
Today's been a very, very, very relaxing day. I went to school for exact 50 minutes and then I went home and since I came home I've basically done nothing. See, very relaxing.
Outfit pictures coming up a bit later...! Though it's kind of nothing special..
By the way, I'm in need of a new header, got kind of bored with my old one, I've had it for a long time. Anybody who's got any idea? I'm blank!

Source: Johnnys Bird

Love, Rosa <3