Tuesday, October 5

They're tearing my dreams apart

Too tired..
Either I need a photographer, or I need to find a spot outside where I can take pictures cause this is not working! I hate indoor pictures..
Anyways, this is what I wore today, for my 50 minutes in school. Thought we were going to block the school outside, so that we would be sitting outside, but that wasn't really the case. So I guess that knitted dress and velvet tights were unnecessary.
Right now: listen to loud, loud, loud music!

Dress & jacket, H&M. Tights & scarf, Monki. Rucksack, Secondhand. Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Loving your new header! ;)

    Oh, I know what you feel about indoor pics!


  2. I love you rblog, it´s so inspiring and your boots are really amazing!

  3. Nádia - haha, I hate my new header :p but thank you ;)
    And yeah, seriously need a photographer, right?

    Annierama - ooh, thank you! trust me, I really needed to hear/read someone say that :p

    Violetta E. - thank you :p

  4. Love your red-ish hair:)


  5. thrifted drifter - thank you ;) it's sort of golden-ish ;)

    Porcelain Complexion - thank you !! :p so do I, they're really comfortable :p