Sunday, October 24

Seven things that make me happy

Of course, there are other things besides my shoes that make me happy...
Anyways, here are my favorite seven pairs of shoes that I own.
Right now I'm preparing for the first day of school after vacation which is tomorrow. Don't know if I'm excited or unhappy that school is starting again. Can't wait to see the girls again, yet I can't help thinking about something my teacher said before vacation started: ''After the vacation everything is gonna be a lot more stressing and you're gonna have so much homework to do and so many hand-ins to do too''. Yeah, that's about his exact words. I knew it was coming anyway. It sucks and I hate school.
I'm also thinking about good things to come though. Like Christmas which is in exactly 2 months and my 19th birthday which is in exactly 3 months. Seems like such a long time though.
Payday is close though. This friday to be exact. Now, that's something I'm excited about!

1st picure: Tiamo. Converse. Monki.
2nd picture: S///Bar. Din Sko. Din Sko. Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. how can you not love those pretty black shoes :)
    I addore the monki and dr martins

  2. Likeasmoothie - thank you ! ;)

    Ivania - haha, yeah how can you not? :p
    Thank you ;)

  3. great blog! <3

    follow you from now!

    take a look at my blog, if you like?!

  4. hmpff...seriously! i'm jealous! i want your shoes;p
    i'm already following, but i would follow when i wasn't, i really like your blog!


  5. the scarf is from autmn last year. i buy them at h&m. <3

  6. Kim Loraine - ok, I'll follow you back once blogger starts working properly again... :)

    Zoé Hermsen - well, they we're all pretty cheap (except the docs..) so I guess you can go buy them yourself, ha :p
    And thanks ;)

    Lisanne & Carlijn - thank you !! :)

  7. hey thanks for the comment- yeah it was cool to see frida! Anyways, those shoes are lovely. xxx

  8. don't you have starbucks in your town? ;o x

  9. i give my heart to your Monki and Dr. Martens shoes :)

  10. Rigtig flotte sko! (:
    Tak for kommentaren på min blog.

  11. ohh, i want them all!