Sunday, October 10


Today I'm too tired to do anything besides lying in my bed. So today is all hot chocolate, music, movies, OTH and eating chocolate. I need to regain my strength before going to Copenhagen with my class this tuesday.
By the way, 5 minutes after these pictures were taken, I spilled hot chocolate all over the floor, as in literally all the over the floor (it's a very big cup!) - awesome!
How are you spending you sunday?

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I want ALL YOUR DVDs !!!
    My sunday ? Ha ha ... Working --".

  2. Abaca - haha, you can't, they're mine :p
    Orrrh, though I'd really love to have a job, I wouldn't wanna work on a sunday...

  3. Oh lucky you!!!!
    I want chocolate but I`m too lazy to get dressed and go out to buy it -.-

  4. MIla - haha, my dad bought it for me :p

  5. Loving the harry potter dvds! I think i'll be watching that today! sorry about the hot choc though...sounds like you had lot of cleaning up to do!

  6. Nicoletta - yeah I did.. it was all over the floor and under my bed.. >.<

  7. Jeg kan virkelig godt lide din header :-)

  8. Cecilie - haha, tak ^^ det er egentligt bare et alternativ indtil jeg finder på noget bedre.. :)
    men tak alligevel da ^^