Monday, November 1


Today's outfit and my absolute favorite song.
Take a look at today's date. Ain't that cool? Haha, me think so.
Anyways, I'm too tired to write anything (lucky you) and I have a test in religion tomorrow that I have to prepare for. Yay, can't wait.
Oh, just one thing, actually. Did some impulsive shopping at yesterday (night). Can't wait to receive the package! And friday I bought something at, hah. Can't wait to receive that package either!
Times are always good in the beginning of each month...

Shirt, tee, jacket & jewelry, H&M. Faux fur vest, Vila. Jeans & scarf, Gina Tricot. Bag, Topshop. Doc Martens.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. that scarf is wonderful!!
    of course your hair looks stunning xx

  2. Can`t wait to see your Topshop buys.
    You look great.Love the scarf!

  3. Glæder mig til at så hvad du har købt :-)


  4. Ana - Oh, thank you! I needed to hear/read that, trust me.. :)

    Mila - Thank you! Didn't really buy anything special though, hah :p

    Christine - Har egentligt ikke købt noget specielt, som sådan, hah :p